Our History

This page contains information about Lawrence Fruit Tree Project starting in late 2008 when the group was organized.  You will find photos, links to news articles, events and projects.

2012, April – An article by Skyler about our Community Orchard appears in Cultivate Kansas City in their Urban Grown publication titled Lawrence Community Orchard Opens New Territory for Public Foodscapes.   The article can be downloaded from http://www.cultivatekc.org/news-events/urban-grown.html or by clicking here for the pdf file Urban Grown -Apr 2012

2012, April – Our Groupon fundraising efforts were successful.   More details will be forthcoming.    Thanks to all who have helped with financial donations to cover the costs of trees and equipment.

2012, March 31 – Our second big workday was successful.   We planted an enormous number of trees!   Our planting for 2012 has mostly been completed and now look forward to sheet mulching and regular maintenance.

2012, March 17 – Our first community work day at the new Lawrence Community Orchard.

March 2012 – Separating Bermuda grass from the soil

2012, March 16 – Groundbreaking ceremony for the Common Ground Program

03-16-2012 – The Common Ground groundbreaking ceremony

2010, Jan 17 – Article in the Lawrence Journal World  “Edible Landscapes:  Lawrence Activists Want Orchards for Private, Public Use”   – http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2011/jan/17/edible-landscapes-lawrence-activists-want-orchards/

2010, November 21 – LFTP planting two cherry trees at Babcock Place.

Fruit tree planting at Babcock Place
Fruit tree planting at Babcock Place
Cherry tree planted at Babcock Place

2010, March 27 – LFTP collaborated with the Free State High School Environmental Club to plant six fruit trees at the Free State High School.

Planting fruit trees at Free State High School
Fruit tree planting crew at Free State High School
New fruit trees at Free State High School

2010, March – LFTP organized fruit tree planting for three local organizations:  1)  Ad Astra student cooperative house  2)  Ecumenical Christian Ministries   3)  The Douglas County correctional facility.

2009, December – LFTP sends a proposal to Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department to plant some fruit trees in the new rail to trail corridor.   A list of disease resistant cultivars was submitted along with some sturdy native fruiting trees.   Fruit trees can be placed in appropriate locations so that trees can’t drop fruit on pathways, etc.   These plantings will be an educational tool for the community and are available for anyone to pick when ripe.

2009, April 11 –  The LFTP sponsored a walk through some East Lawrence neighborhoods to help people learn how to identify some fruit trees as well as some other trees along the way.    There were several experts to help answer questions.

2009, March 21 – LFTP planted several fruit trees at New York Elementary School here in Lawrence.  An article appears on 03-22-2009 in the Lawrence Journal World titled “Fruit Tree Project Gains Ground at School” – http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2009/mar/22/fruit-tree-project-gains-ground-school/

New York Elementary – Orchard Planting 3-2009
New York Elementary – Orchard Planting, 3-2009
New York Elementary – Orchard planting

2009 – February 26 – Article appears in the University Daily Kansan titled “Group Wants More Accessible Fruit”  – http://www.kansan.com/stories/2009/feb/26/fruit/

2009, February – Meet with Faith Church of the Nazarene Community Garden to advise them on fruit tree plantings.    They purchased some trees and there is room for more in the future.

2009 – February 8 – Byron Wiley leads a grafting workshop.

Grafting Workshop – 02-08-2009