Sunrise Project


Sunrise Project is the parent organization of Lawrence Fruit Tree Project. read more about it at

Our Mission

To build a socially just community and empower people to live healthy, self-determined lives through growing food and caring for the land.

Our Vision

We envision a resilient community that provides for its own needs and offers opportunities for all people to grow and eat culturally appropriate foods, care for the land and one another. We are committed to creating an equitable system in which people of all ages and experiences live self-determined, healthy and meaningful lives.

Our Values

We value…

●        Our environment, and emphasize the importance of energy conservation, resource management, and the provision of healthy local food to the community;

●        Physical, mental and spiritual health, as well as general quality of life, as defined by each person for themselves;

●        Experiential and shared learning as a means of expanding food and environmental literacy,  valuing all knowledge, from technical to experiential;

●        Nurturing community relationships and cooperative experiences;

●        Spreading social justice, personal empowerment, and positive systemic change for our whole community; and

●        Creatively accomplishing our mission and vision without sacrificing fun and beauty.