Best Practices

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Here is the short list of good advice to get you started planting trees.

  • Evaluate potential planting sites for appropriate sunlight, drainage, soil, proximity to structures & walkways, and distance from other trees.
  • Select appropriate varieties, including ones with  disease resistance
  • Select rootstocks appropriate your specific location and desired mature tree size.
  • Plant trees during the dormant season but before or after frozen ground.
  • Plan in advance for water access so that trees can be irrigated until they are established.
  • Prevent damage to trees from herbivorous animals and careless humans.
  • Mulch trees with wood chips to retain soil moisture and out compete grass.
  • Familiarize yourself with the basics of pruning  and tree hygiene.


Click on Fruit Tree Growing Basics for more information on this topic.See the RESOURCE LINK page for a complete list of resources.