In our community an abundance of fruit ripens that never gets harvested.

Lawrence Fruit Tree Project does not organize community fruit gleaning efforts but instead encourages individuals to seek fruit on their own or organize efforts in there own communities to prevent fruit from going to waste.   Excess fruit  can be donated to community food pantries.

Here are some recommended approaches:

1)  Contact private land owners to obtain permission  to pick fruit.

2) Pick ripe and ready fruit only and take only what you can use or share. Offer to remove rotten dropped fruit. this can improve tree hygiene and makes the property owner feel like you have provide them a service.

3) To avoid liability issues, do not use ladders or climb in trees.  Climbing in trees may also break branches.

4)  Use care as you pick fruit so that branches are not damaged.

5)  Pick fruit by hand or use a picking pole specifically designed for harvesting fruit out of reach.

6) Say please and thank you.

Check out to view and add to maps harvestable fruit trees in our area.

Picking russet apples