Introducing Lawrence Community Orchard!

      Lawrencians are growing into the joys and practicalities of urban farming and gardening.  As Lawrence urban farming and gardening become ever more popular, so too are home orchards.  Trees, berries, and herbs require watering, weeding, and pruning; but they are less resource and labor intensive than most annual crops.  That, coupled with their perennial nature, makes them ideal for providing the multiple functions of producing food and as plants for landscaping, wind breaks, shade, and living fences. You can now help Lawrence Fruit Tree Project (LFTP) take steps to create a beautiful park setting featuring productive and useful perennial plants.

    Lawrence Community Orchard (LCO) is a project of LFTP, made possible by the City of Lawrence Common Ground Program.   The Common Ground Program was launched this year with the intent of leasing city land to individuals or groups for the creation of community gardens and market farms.  After an application process, the Lawrence Fruit Tree Project was chosen to lease the site at the eastern end of Garfield St. bordering the Burroughs Creek Rail Trail in the East Lawrence Neighborhood.  The site will evolve over the next several years into an ecological orchard with a park-like atmosphere.  The site will produce nutritious foods and serve as a perennial food gardening demonstration and educational space for the greater community.

              You Can Help

     We are forming a volunteer team to accomplish the ongoing tasks of creating and maintaining this public orchard. In March, we will begin preparing planting holes, and later planting trees on the site. We will need trees planted, wood chip mulch delivered, help making signs, etc.  Summer care includes mowing and watering.  If you are interested in having an important role in Lawrence Community Orchard send us an email telling us how you would like to help. If you are interested in coming to our work days, they will be announced through email.

We will have a volunteer team meeting in early March. We’ll announce the date soon.

We are accepting monetary and material donations to help make public fruit a reality.  If you are interested in donating please contact us at the following address:

 Here are some materials that we are looking for:

– millable-sized (10-20” diameter, 6’+ long) osage orange logs for construction of park benches and a kiosk

– t-posts (sturdy metal stakes)

– large quantities of wood mulch

– push lawn mower or a volunteer to mow throughout the season

– hoses

– garden shovels, hard rakes, bypass pruners

– a donation of $25 would buy a fruit or nut tree that will, throughout it’s lifetime, give back many times over

Thank you!