Next Orchard Workday – Saturday June 23rd

You are invited to the Lawrence Community Orchard’s next festive work day on Saturday,June 23rd, starting at 10:00 am and lasting until as late as 3pm. We will be putting down cardboard and wood chip mulch to suppress lawn grass and to help create a fungal rich soil for trees to thrive in. Lots of other tasks like weeding watering and erecting a sign.
Good things to bring are: work gloves, sun hats, shovels, wheelbarrows, and drinking water.
There will be some water and refreshments provided.
We expect this to be light, pleasant work with good company.
Also, for people interested in volunteering, we will have sign-up sheets for help with the ongoing maintenance of the orchard – watering and mowing, mostly.
We need truckloads of cardboard!
Prior to the work day we will need to collect cardboard for use as mulch. We need a volunteers to gather sheets of corrugated cardboard at least 3 x 4 feet in size. Choose cardboard in as big of pieces as can be found with as little packing tape and staples as can be found. Furniture and mattress stores will have lots of the stuff free for the taking , bicycle boxes work great too.   We will be collecting a stack next to the garage in the alley behind 1027 Pennsylvania St.  Drop off as much as you can stand! or bring it directly to the orchard the day of the work day.

Lawrence Community orchard is located on the far east end of Garfield street in east Lawrence. view map here Lawrence Community Orchard

Many hands make light work!
Lawrence Fruit Tree Project