Now is the Time To Place Fruit Tree Orders

Now is the time to be thinking about fruit tree additions to your yard.   It is winter and this is the best time to place orders for your desired fruit trees. Waiting till spring to think about this will greatly limit your options.   Desirable trees, including those that disease resistant, ones adaptable to our area and trees on desirable rootstocks disappear quickly by late January.

Our website includes many helpful resources including:

Fruit Variety Comparison – a large list of possible fruit tree options, an overview
Fruit Tree Growing Basics – an outline of what is involved with growing fruit trees and their benefits – This is a very good introduction to growing fruit trees.
Recommended Fruit Plants – known disease resistant varieties, organized by type of fruit – apple, pear, etc.
Shade Tolerant Fruit Plants – ones that might do well in a slightly shady spot
Native Fruiting Plants – If you want to stick with native fruit trees
Fruit & Plant Info Sites – an organized and useful resource for particular fruit varieties
Web Articles – Information about specific fruits
Local Nurseries – local fruit tree options
Mail Order – a listing of mail order options

Adding a fruit tree(s) to your yard requires some placement considerations.    The tree will need plenty of sunlight, and space to reach it full size.  It should not be planted where it will potentially interfere with power lines or next to a driveway or sidewalk if fallen fruit will be objectionable.

Selecting disease resistant trees eliminates a large aspect of tree maintenance.   That leaves you with maintenance that is similar to what is required of any tree – pruning, watering and pest issues.    The intensity of maintenance for different fruit trees is listed on the Fruit Variety Comparison Chart.   Some fruit trees require very little maintenance.

I can think of only a few things that are as exciting as growing one’s own fruit (good friendships, family, music, dancing and more gardening).   Unlike annual food crops, fruit trees usually provide food almost every year without as many inputs that are required by annual food crops.    Fruit trees are beautiful living plants to watch.   They have unique shapes, including the fruits.   Some have fragrant flowers.   They are always changing with the seasons, something new, interesting and stimulating.

Take some time this winter season to think about your fruit tree desires and then place your order early to get your first choice material.

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