Glossary of Terms


Acid – used to describe sharp biting flavor.

Bare-root– refers to a tree sold without soil surrounding its roots. trees are sold and shipped while dormant.
Bloom -the fine gray sheen found on apples, plums, or grapes when they are newly harvested.
Blush – description to indicate a solid rosy colored area, usually the exposed side of the fruit.
Breba – Some figs have two crops in hot climates. The first crop is breba tends to be lower yield.
Budding – grafting with a single bud instead of a piece of wood containing several buds.

Clone -a cultivar propagated a-sexually from a single specimen.
Dessert Apple – good eaten fresh.
Espalier – A tree or a row of trees, trained in a formal two dimensional shape often along a fence or trellis.
Fireblight -Individual terminal shoots and blossoms wither as if scorched by fire.
Freestone – A stone fruit in which the pit does cling to the flesh, but breaks free easily.
Fruit spurs – small twigs which contain fruit buds.

Grafting-a propagation technique were a piece of a stem (scion) is attached to the stem of another plant(rootstock).
Hardiness – ability to withstand cold temperatures.
Oblate – A fruit shaped with flat ends, wider than it’s tall.
Pollinizer – The plant cultivar that produces the pollen.
Pollinator -The agent transferring the pollen; bees, flies or wind.
Precocious – Fruit trees that bear fruit at a young age.
Russet (Reinette) -Reddish brown or yellow brown rough mottled skin on fruit.
Rootstock -root bearing plant which the scion is grafted.
Scab – dark, corky patches infect developing leaves and fruit. Many scabs scattered over fruit surface.
Scion – bud or branch used for grafting.
Shoots – twigs or branches on current years growth.
Sport – A variety or strain arising from a bud mutation on a previously named variety.
Sprightly – means the acid in the fruit comes through and influences the flavor favorably.
Subacid -Originally meaning “mildly sour , but now referring to flavors that are “slightly sweet” low in acid.
Suckers – Shoots growing from the roots or below the graft union.
Triploid – An apple variety with three sets of chromosomes which have sterile pollen; typically vigorous tree.
Vinous – Wine-like flavor.
Water Core – sweet translucent flesh in the interior of the fruit.
Water Sprout – Vigorous shoot growing vertically from a scaffold, unproductive and saps energy from trees.