Local Organizations

Local Organizations


Bridging the Gap – Connecting Environment, Economy and Community – Kansas City.  One of their programs is the Heartland Tree Alliance.  http://www.bridgingthegap.org/

Douglas County – K-State Research and Extension – Programs, resources, publications  – http://www.douglas.ksu.edu/DesktopDefault.aspx

Johnson County – K-State Research and Extension http://www.johnson.ksu.edu/DesktopDefault.aspx

Kaw Permaculture Collaborative – http://www.kawpermaculture.org/  Local permaculture resources. 

Kansas Area Watershed Council (KAW Council) – http://www.kawcouncil.org/ “The art of making community and making a life on the prairie.”   KAW Council is one of the oldest bioregional groups on the continent. 

Kansas Folklife Center – A movement is developing to establish a functional activity space to meet the growing community needs.   http://ingevald.wordpress.com/kansas-folklife-center/

Kansas Land Trust (KLT) – http://klt.org/

Kansas Rural Center (KRC)  http://www.kansasruralcenter.org/

Larryville “Community Happens”   http://news.larryville.com/   

Lawrence Sustainability Network   http://www.lawrencesustainability.net/   

City of Lawrence – http://www.ci.lawrence.ks.us/



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