Workday – Saturday, April 12th

Come join us for our April workday at Lawrence Community Orchard on Saturday, April 12th, starting at 10am and lasting until 3pm. Workdays are open house style, so join us when you are able. Come help make this “free food park” a success.

We are excited to announce that this year we have a new addition to the orchard: a fruit tree nursery to make more productive plants available in our community. The nursery will provide a hands-on learning space for people who are interested in plant propagation.

As always, we still need truckloads of cardboard for sheet mulching. We want brown cardboard that is no smaller than 2ft by 3ft. Cardboard can be found in green cardboard recycling dumpsters throughout the city.
The days work will consist of sheet mulching, tree planting, and digging a garden bed. Come prepared with water and appropriate dress. Some snacks will be provided, including Eric’s famous chocolate chip cookies!  If you’d like to provide for the orchard’s hard workers, bring food and drinks to share.

See you on Saturday, April 12th at 10am!

Lawrence Community Orchard is located on the far east end of Garfield street in east