Workday – Saturday March 16th and updates


Spring is around the corner and it’s year two for Lawrence Community Orchard. In 2012 Lawrence Community Orchard became a great success thanks to dozens of volunteers working throughout the season. Almost all of the trees survived and thrived despite record temperatures and drought, thanks in part to lots of mulch and regular watering. We even got a little first season produce including some tomatoes, ground cherries and the surprise success of our Sugar Cane Jujube which produced hundreds of sweet fruits. In 2013 we will continue to host monthly work parties.

Our goals are to: continue sheet mulching, keep Bermuda and Johnson grass in check, install botanical labels, install a 8×8 storage shed, install our timber-framed informational kiosk, add a few more trees, add more herbs, understory plants and annual fruits and veggies, all with old and new friends alike.

We’ll be starting off our season next  Saturday, March 16th, starting at 10:00 am and lasting until about 1pm or 2pm. We will be digging post holes for our new timber frame kiosk made possible by a grant from Elizabeth Schultz Environmental Fund and our new storage shed. We will be prepping some new holes for trees and finishing pruning as well.

Wish list
Soon we will have an onsite storage shed and we can house dedicated LCO tools there.      We are seeking donations of the following items:

metal watering cans
wheelbarrows and garden carts, in any condition
hard rakes
soft rakes
hay forks
long and short handled pruning shears
t-post driver
hardware cloth
aluminum window screen
orchard latter
work gloves
durable folding table or folding saw horses
pruning saw
ground anchors for the shed

Hope to see you on Saturday!

Lawrence Community Orchard is located on the far east end of Garfield street in east Lawrence.
Many hands make light work!
Lawrence Fruit Tree Project