Workday – Saturday, March 30

This Saturday, March 30th, starting at 10:00 am and lasting until about 3pm we will be erecting our new tool shed made from 99% salvaged material at the Lawrence Community Orchard (LCO). We will also be doing some sheet mulching and digging holes for some exciting new tree additions to the orchard. On the 16th, volunteers erected the locally crafted, beautiful timber frame kiosk made of local black walnut and Osage orange timbers. We hope to get at least 15 volunteers on Saturday as there are lots of tasks for all skill levels. Please bring cordless drills, shovels, gloves, and snacks to share if you wish. We always need truckloads of brown cardboard no smaller than 2 ft by 3 ft. Come help make Lawrence’s first food park a reality!

Wish list
With the addition of a storage shed, we can now house dedicated LCO tools on-site. Here is a list of items that we would like to be donated:

metal watering cans
wheelbarrows and garden carts, in any condition
hard rakes
soft rakes
hay forks
long and short handled pruning shears
t-post driver
hardware cloth
aluminum window screen
orchard latter
work gloves
durable folding table or folding saw horses
pruning saw
ground anchors for the shed
100ft tape measure
survey flags

Hope to see you on Saturday!

Lawrence Community Orchard is located on the far east end of Garfield street in east Lawrence.

Erecting the kiosk
Erecting the kiosk